Jobs in the Netherlands 2022

Jobs in the Netherlands 2022

Jobs in the Netherlands 2022

The Dutch economy is expanding at a rapid pace and there is a high demand for skilled workers. There is a growing demand for engineers, physical therapists, ICT graduates, and cleaning workers. If you are thinking of moving to the Netherlands, there are several ways to find a job.

Demand for HELPERS

HELPERS in the Netherlands are in high demand, as the country has a long history of science, HELPERS IN FACTORIES. According to a study by talent global bureau, the Netherlands is among the top five countries with the greatest demand for engineers worldwide. As such, the country is an excellent choice for people with engineering degrees and is currently the second most popular location for engineers in the world.

Jobs in the Netherlands 2022
Jobs in the Netherlands 2022

The Netherlands has a long tradition of river engineering, dredging technology, and flood control, and has a strong position in climate adaptive building. This type of construction is designed to prevent flooding, so that houses can be built in flood-prone areas. The country is also a leader in renewable energy efficiency, with strong positions in wind energy, biomass processing, and greenhouse farming.

Demand for cleaning workers

Cleaning workers are in demand throughout the Netherlands. The sector has experienced challenging times in recent years and is experiencing higher demand. This is due to changes in the working conditions and the introduction of new technologies. This is expected to result in more opportunities for cleaning workers, as well as improved working conditions and the use of ergonomic equipment.

Jobs in the Netherlands 2022
Jobs in the Netherlands 2022

Cleaning workers are in demand throughout the hospitality industry, including hotels and restaurants. They need to maintain sanitary conditions to accommodate high tourist numbers. In most cases, they will be granted work visas and express single permits.

Demand for ICT graduates

Demand for ICT graduates in the Netherlands is huge, but the Dutch education system isn’t keeping up with demand. Shortages in key areas are causing major problems. Moreover, the Covid-19 crisis is creating an even bigger demand for digital skills. Fortunately, a new initiative is on the way to address the problem. This initiative, Human Capital Agenda ICT, will produce 36,000 new ICT professionals over the next four years.

The Netherlands is home to a large number of leading companies, so there is a high demand for technical personnel in the industrial sector. The Netherlands has a serious shortage of work planners, and the demand for these workers is increasing. Automation and high-tech machines are making jobs in the industrial sector more difficult to find. However, despite the automation and robotization of the industry, workers are still needed for repairing and maintaining installations and other technical items.


Demand for physical therapists

The Netherlands is one of the countries with the highest clinical burden of systemic sclerosis (SSc), and screening for this disease is common in tertiary care. Physical therapy is a critical element of non-pharmacological care and is consistently used in SSc treatment. Currently, most patients receive this treatment in primary care settings.

The Netherlands has a long history of manual therapy, with some of the most influential practitioners of the discipline being Maitland, Grieve, Paris, and Cyriax. These therapists helped shape the profession of physical therapy in the Netherlands, where it’s practiced today.

To study the current demand for physical therapists in the Netherlands, we conducted four focus groups. We asked 20 physical therapists to take part in each group, and invited three senior researchers. However, three of them declined the invitation due to time constraints and agendas of the potential participants. Among the 20 participants, nine were female, with an average age of 39 years and fourteen years of experience. We also asked 16 physical therapists to complete a practice test to collect data about the field.

Demand for street view car drivers

Demand for street view car drivers in the Netherlands is growing rapidly. This high demand is being driven by an increasing demand for high quality photos. It is estimated that the number of people employed in this industry will increase to 420,000 by 2022. This is a huge opportunity for people who love driving. However, getting a job as a street view car driver can be challenging. You need to be lucky and keep looking for opportunities.



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