ASF Jobs In Islamabad Pakistan

ASF Jobs In Islamabad Pakistan

AIRPORT SECURITY ASF Jobs In Islamabad Pakistan

The Airports Security Force is a federal agency under the administrative control of the Secretary of the Government of Pakistan (DGPA). It is a multi-sector organization tasked with safeguarding the nation’s airports, implementing counter-terrorism measures, preventing crime, and maintaining order in airports. The ASF consists of 8,945 members and was established in 1976 under the Airports Security Force Act LXXVII of 1975.

Airport Security Force is a non-military personnel security power

The Airport Security Force (ASF) is a non-military personnel power in Islamabad, Pakistan. This non-military personnel security power is a key component in the airport’s overall security. But the ASF has recently been accused of misconduct in relation to a passenger brawl. The officers involved were reprimanded and a summary trial will be held against them.

ASF is part of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), which is the government-run body responsible for aviation security at all Pakistan’s public and private air terminals. It has been responsible for airport security and avionics security since 1974 and has been successful in providing a protected environment for air travelers. The ASF is a specialized force that specializes in aviation security and ensuring the safety of passengers.

The airport security force is one of the strongest security powers in Islamabad. The security force is composed of civilian employees and police. In addition to this, it includes airport security guards, security experts, and other security personnel. The airport security force has a strong presence in the area, and its members are highly trained and active. Its members are able to deter terrorists from entering the airport, which is an important factor in airport security.
It protects airports, seaports, and other vital installations from terrorist attacks and sabotage

The Airports Security Force (ASF) is the civilian security force of Pakistan, under the administrative control of the Department of Defense. The force is primarily responsible for protecting airports, seaports, and other vital installations against terrorism and sabotage. Its mission is to maintain law and order on airport premises, prevent crimes, and train personnel in advanced counter-terrorism tactics.


ASF jobs in ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, protect airports, seaports, and important installations against terrorism and sabotage. The organization also works with airlines to provide high-quality information on potential security threats so that they can safeguard their aircraft and their property. The ASF has over a thousand locations across the country and is one of the largest international security agencies.

ASF recruitment is competitive, with applicants required to clear several tests and IQ, physical, and written tests. If the applicant qualifies, he or she may be appointed based on a quota or merit list. ASF recruits both male and female candidates. Selection criteria vary according to the post.
It is a full-employment job with the availability of pensions, Health insurance, transport, Schooling system housing.


ASF offers many benefits to its employees, including Family Hospital, Medical Insurance, Transportation, Schooling system housing, and Pensions. There are also many other benefits, including a Children’s jobs quota and children’s health insurance. These benefits are offered to a diverse population. However, to receive these benefits, applicants must meet specific criteria.

ASF Headquarters.

The Airport Security Force is a government department that oversees the security of Pakistan’s airports. It seeks individuals who are disciplined, passionate about protecting the airports, and who are willing to join the security forces. There are also various opportunities in this department, and interested individuals should take note of these. The ASF publishes open recruitment notices in local newspapers and vacancies are announced in the ASF Headquarters.

Applicants must have the requisite qualifications to be considered for ASF jobs in ISLAMABAD, Pakistan. These jobs are full-employment, which means that they include pensions, Health insurance, transport, and Schooling system. Furthermore, the benefits offered are very attractive, and they will not make the applicants resentful. Additionally, the ASF is a great opportunity for those who are determined to learn and develop their skills.



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