Jobs in Australia Post:

Jobs in Australia Post:

Jobs in Australia Post:

jobs in Australia post

A variety of challenges may be facing Australian post offices as passenger flights are cut back and air freight capacity is reduced. Australia Post rely heavily on overseas delivery services to meet postal demands. This situation creates a need for skilled workers in a range of fields. The following are the most common challenges facing Australia Post. Read on to learn more about the careers available in these industries. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for the latest job opportunities.

Recruitment process:

If you’re thinking of applying for a job with Australia Post, then you’ve come to the right place. This prestigious organisation is hiring for various positions across various departments. If you’ve got the skills, ambition, and dynamic nature needed to excel in the role, you can make your dreams come true. The recruitment process for jobs at Australia post involves two main steps. Firstly, you must fill out an application form. You can find the application form below. You must make sure to fill it out completely, including your educational background, working history, and work experience.

Secondly, you should practice your interviewing skills. While American resumes follow the one-page rule, Australian ones can be as long as two or three pages. The recruiting team will be looking for past experiences that relate to the position. You can practise with your cover letter and application form. Alternatively, you can try JobTestPrep, an online platform that simulates real-life interviews. It is important to know how to answer these questions so that you can demonstrate your knowledge and skills.

Product range:

In three years, Australia Post reached a volume level that it couldn’t meet without reducing staff and equipment in its processing centers. Meanwhile, air freight via passenger airlines had dried up, and the company knew it didn’t have enough processing capacity or equipment to meet demand. To improve productivity, it had to make the most of its existing resources. In this article, we’ll look at the company’s plans to boost productivity by implementing digitalization.

Jobs in Australia Post:
Jobs in Australia Post:

In the year 2020, Australia Post returned to profitability following a restructure and improved parcel performance. However, the company was not prepared for a vast increase in deliveries during COVID-19. Online purchases in the Victorian province increased 170% year-on-year, and Australia Post didn’t prepare for the increase. In August 2020, Australia Post delivered 1.57 million parcels per day – 40% of which were heavier than standard mail.

Hours of employment:

The Australian Fair Work Act provides that employees must be given at least 10 consecutive hours off duty after completing their ordinary and overtime duties. If they are required to return to work prior to the expiry of the ten-hour period, they must be paid double pay until they are released from duty. Australia Post will pay their employees for any overtime hours they work, and employees are entitled to accrue accrued leave for work outside their normal roster.

In cases where an employee is required to work more than 12 hours per week, the company must provide an additional 4 weeks for the worker to adjust to the new hours and duties. Australia Post will assess the capacity of the employee to perform the duties and determine the percentage of the relevant minimum wage that will be paid to the employee. During the trial period, an employee must be paid at least $95 per week and receive appropriate training and induction.


The digital age has brought challenges and opportunities for Australia Post. The company used to rely on physical letter delivery, but as the market shifted toward e-commerce and courier delivery, Australia Post struggled to remain relevant. It needed to adapt its operations and transition to a customer-focused culture. In two years, the Digitech division expanded from 15 employees to 270. It implemented Agile methodologies and embraced a culture of collaboration.

Jobs in Australia Post:
Jobs in Australia Post:


The Communications, Electrical and Plumbing Union says the reforms are necessary, but it’s worth noting that Australia Post is still making money. As a huge organisation, Australia Post will need to find new roles for its workers. Despite the slowdown in letter delivery, the company is still turning a profit and is a largely diversified business. However, the government has said it won’t sell the company.


The Australia Post has set a goal to increase diversity in its workforce. While only four percent of its workforce is made up of people with disabilities, the government wants this figure to be seven per cent by 2025. Diversity at Australia Post is important because it reflects the nation’s diversity. With this in mind, the company has partnered with Diversity at Work Australia (DWA) services to help increase the number of people with disabilities in the organisation.

To meet its goal of increasing diversity in its workforce, Australia Post focused on creating an end-to-end employee journey that includes awareness, consideration, conversion, onboarding, and retention. To improve diversity, Australia Post cultivated an authentic culture, consulting talent rather than selling them jobs, and enabling them to make the right career choice. In 2017, Australia Post recognised that its female workforce was decreasing, and committed to achieving a five-percent increase by FY ’18.

Recruitment campaign:

In Australia, one of the most effective recruitment campaigns is the “Best Jobs in the World” campaign by Tourism and Event Services Australia. The campaign was run in multiple countries and received 620,000 applications from more than three hundred thousand individuals across 196 different countries. More than forty thousand video entries were received during the six-week campaign. The most sought-after jobs were Chief Funster in NSW, South Australia Wildlife Caretaker in Queensland, Western Australia Taste Master in Victoria, and Northern Territory Outback Adventurer in the Northern Territory.

Jobs in Australia Post:
Jobs in Australia Post:

To attract the best talent, employers can go for creative recruitment campaigns that use innovative and creative ways of reaching out to millennials. Google, for example, has been employing clever techniques like billboards and TV ads to attract bright minds to apply for their jobs. The company then groups those applicants into groups that are passionate problem solvers. In a recent recruitment campaign, IKEA Australia wanted to hire one hundred people and decided to think outside the box. They created career instructions hidden in their IKEA products, mirroring their famous assembly instructions.



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